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CMAW Local 99

Over the past two years, CMAW Local 99 has seen growth in membership and executive structure. We have acquired the primary maintenance contract at CNRL Horizon with the help of Client and their excellent staff. With the addition of this contract we have also progressed our skilled work force into an even more diverse group of hard working individuals. Our maintenance team now provides workforces in mechanical, pipefitting, welding, instrumentation, electrical, scaffolding, and insulation to name a few trades. In addition to our diverse maintenance team, our construction team has had an amazing couple of years. They have helped build projects at CNRL Horizon, Syncrude, Suncor and the Calgary International Airport. Throughout those project we have built hydrogen secondary upgrading plants, bitumen ore processing plants, primary upgrader units, cogeneration units and key airport infrastructure.
The future of our CNRL contracting teams, with the help from Client, have just secured a project to assist the start-up of the new secondary upgrading plants in a special venture group. We have also just successfully completed the largest shutdown in CNRL Horizon history with a combined effort of the maintenance, venture and construction teams. Our maintenance team will be helping CNRL grow as they bring new units online at their Horizon site over the remainder of the year. In May we formed our first executive board by appointment and are organizing to hold elections this fall to vote in our new CMAW local 99 leadership. We are very excited to help guide CMAW into a constructive and prosperous future of world class, technically skilled individuals. We would like to thank our past Vice President for managing the local 99 union prior to the formation of the current executive board. He has since moved into another industry and we wish him all the best. None of these amazing feats would have been possible without the core members of our local stepping up to the challenges.
Special thanks to the Clients management and CNRL staff who have worked with us hand-in-hand throughout these two successful years. We owe our most sincere thanks to all the local 99 members involved in the past two years of projects. Through our strong contracts in the oil industry with CNRL, exceptional relationships with our Clients management and robust membership, the future for local 99 is very optimistic.

Anti-Harassment Statement

The Construction Maintenance and Allied Workers Union (CMAW) believes that every individual has the right to dignity, respect and fair treatment within the Union and in the workplace. We need the cooperation of all Local Union members to help create a workplace environment free of harassment. So that's why the Union has an anti-harassment policy. The policy calls on us to inform people at the start of every Union function that we want to keep the session harassment-free. If we want to eradicate the problem of harassment in our workplaces and in society at large, we must first set an example right here in the Union. Harassment is not a joke. It is cruel and destructive behavior that can have devastating effects. It creates feelings of unease, humiliation and discomfort. Harassment, by co-workers in particular, is contrary to our basic union principles of solidarity and equality and CMAW finds any such behavior unacceptable and intolerable. Harassment can take a number of forms: sexual, racial or personal. It is an expression of perceived power and superiority by the harasser(s) over another person, usually for reasons over which the victim has little or no control: sex, race, age, creed, colour, marital status, sexual preference, disability, political or religious affiliation, or place of national origin. Harassment is any form of behavior that is threatening or offensive to the person to whom it is being addressed. Complaints of harassment will be taken seriously and will be investigated immediately. Every function or course sponsored by CMAW will designate a representative(s) for that event . The representative(s) will make a speedy, confidential and thorough investigation of any incident and will attempt to resolve the issue. All workplace complaints of harassment will be investigated and if found to be valid will immediately be dealt with in the appropriate manner. If the complaint is found to be justified, action will be taken against the harasser and a written report will be made to the appropriate officer or authority. Action could include, but is not limited to: apology, reprimand and possible expulsion from the Union/and or termination of employment. passed by the CMAW convention May 9th and 10th 2012

Bilsland Griffith Benefit Administrator

Bilsland Griffith Benefit Administrators

Bilsland Griffith team takes care of our Green Shield benefits program. CMAW Benefit Plan c/o Bilsland Griffith Benefit Administrators
Suite 1000 - 4445 Lougheed Highway
Burnaby BC V5C 0E4
1 844-366-CMAW (1-844-366-2629)


Welcome to the organizing section of our Union web site. Organizing is labour terminology for joining a union. Workers join unions more often when there's unfairness in the workplace or when they want input into wages and working conditions where they work. Here you'll find out what a union is really all about and learn what steps are required to join a union. You'll also get some answers to basic questions you might have about the benefits of joining a union and what your employer can and can't do after you contact a union about organizing. The basics What is a union? Is it legal to join a union? Which union to choose? Begin your search here if you've never had a union before or never been involved in an organizing campaign. Forming a Union Your right to organize is protected by legislation. Understanding the law is a critical first step to securing that right. Employers Can't What's legal? What employers can and can't do to workers trying to organize a union.


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